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Frequently Ask Questions

Where do I go to submit my abstract/summary/paper?
Go to and look for the meeting for which you would like to submit an abstract, summary, or paper. All the upcoming ANS meetings are listed by date, so it may take a little bit of scrolling to find the applicable meeting listing.
Do I need to be an ANS member to submit an abstract/summary/paper?
No, but you need to create an account on our website to be able to submit a paper.
How do I enter a submission of an abstract/summary/paper?
First, go to and find the meeting to which you wish to submit your abstract/summary/paper. Then click on the My Abstract/Summary/Paper link at the top of the left-hand navigation bar under Abstract/Summary/Paper Submission. Follow the steps.
I know I missed the date for submitting an abstract/summary/paper – can I submit anyway?
Late submissions without prior communication with meeting organizers and/or ANS staff are not permitted. If an extension is needed, email
How do I know if my abstract/summary/paper was accepted?
All authors will be sent a decision letter via email from the EPSR by the date given on the Call for Papers. Please ensure that the e-mail address you enter into the EPSR is correct.
I have now prepared my full paper or revised my original summary/paper based on the decision letter I received. How do I upload my full or revised paper?
First, do NOT choose the Delete/Withdraw option. When you follow the File Upload instructions, your revised paper will stack on top of the original submittal. It is clear to reviewers which is the newest version.
Can I turn my full or revised paper in late?
We handle late submissions on a case-by-case basis and need to know before the deadline if you need more time. Email if you need an extension, and we will determine if an extension can be granted.
How do I make sure author names and paper title are stated correctly in the meeting program/platform?
You must correctly enter all information into the fields in the EPSR. Information for the meeting program/platform is obtained from the information you enter into the EPRS, not from the paper itself. Therefore, all authors should be listed in the EPSR in the correct order, with correct affiliations. If changes in authorship occur between first and final submittals, change the information in the EPSR’s fields so that it matches the information on the paper itself.
If I made a mistake in my paper, how can I get the corrected version to ANS?
If the EPSR is still open, you can upload your corrected version using File Upload. If the EPSR is closed, please e-mail
What does two-column format mean?
The two-column or camera-ready format means that we ask authors to format their paper in two columns instead of in a single column. See the Word document and LaTeX template that lists the format details for a Transactions summary on the Transactions website.
Do I have to use the ANS template?
You may use a company template. Otherwise, we encourage speakers to use the ANS template.
Where is the PowerPoint template?
Go to the Resources link for the pertinent conference on the ANS website, in the Meetings section.
Why am I not getting e-mails about the status of my submission or my presentation at the conference?
Emails from the EPSR are usually sent out in bulk. Please check your spam folder and follow any necessary steps to identify the ANS EPSR as a safe sender. Also, e-mails are usually sent to just the primary or presenting author. In addition to communication about your submission, ANS will send pertinent information regarding preparation for the meeting via the EPSR, so please make sure to read each email thoroughly.
Where is the copyright form?
Copyright forms must be filled out for topical meetings for a Proceedings but not for the national meeting Transactions. The copyright form for a specific meeting will be found under the Resources link for the specific meeting. To find the link, go to, scroll to the specific meeting listing, click the title of the meeting, and on the left side of the page will be a link to Resources. Summaries published in Transactions are the property of the American Nuclear Society and do not require a copyright form to be completed.
If I can’t present my summary, can I pay the page charges and still have my work in the Transactions or the meetings proceedings?
This is not an option. Only summaries presented at the meeting will be published in the Transactions or meetings proceedings.